Review: Subversion – Animi

Subversion - Animi

MoshThis. Is. A Belter.

Subversion aren’t a band I’d heard of before. I was just randomly flicking through the “for review” pile and the introduction to opener “Born of the Sun” hit me like a ton of bricks, smothered in lead and dropped from a passing Boeing.

Animi is the follow-up to their 2010 album Lest We Forget which I may just hunt down. This slab of brutality runs for ten tracks and features a solid mix of pounding bass-end notes overlaid with some choppy riffs, electronica/keyboard melodies and metalcore-esque vocals.

It’s a great mix, with the electronic effects sometimes perhaps running a little over-rampant, but by the time they do you’re so caught up in the chaos that they don’t seem misplaced.

I have to say that “Pariah” did nothing for me. It’s very much different from the rest of the album and I appreciate the band adding something “out there”, but for me… nah. Still, one track out of ten is better than many bands manage and the rest of the album is great stuff.

The track the band are pushing is number three – “Imperfect”. It’s not my favourite on the album, though – I’d probably go for “Catalyst” or “Novation” which throws in some hugely atmospheric melodic sections.

Animi is out on March 2nd/3rd, 2015 and you can sample “Imperfect” below.

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