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Review: This Legend – It’s In The Streets

This Legend - It's In The StreetsMarkI sense a close knit ethos building up in the music of This Legend. Their music sparks an engrossing melody that only gains more momentum. The bands new LP It’s In The Streets grinds the pop punk gears, enforcing a chaotic, but intelligent style. A style that presses against the flabby skin of mediocrity, cutting the excess and revealing the inner magic. A magic so crazily infectious, sounds that shoot excitement through frozen veins.

The album is hectic in a way that there is so much going on. That’s not a bad thing. As the music riffles through and ruffles the collar, you will forgive the raw power. A power so frequent and empowering, a heart shocking, uplifting energy. Energetic pop punk and driving harmony intertwine , purposefully pushing at the signals that wrap around the core of the brain. This legend know that their energy is legit, relevant, and purposeful.

It’s In The Streets strikes like a thunderbolt to a chest with a dying heart. The songs are loud and electrifying enough to restart a million hearts let alone one. People with broken hearts should take note, marrying this type of music will certainly reattach what you’ve lost. The peace-keeper or the preacher will also lose control and think deeply about just losing it for an hour or so.

The opus starts with Lyrics With My Pen. It’s a hard hitting pop punk treat, gnashing like a pair of long pointed teeth. The riff is highly pleasing and creative. Offering a technical side to the song. My City begins with rattling drums and empowering guitar. It’s fast and volatile, vocally sound. The song then falls into a contagious beat. Moving On opens up with a rant, a rant so negative and vivid. The band talk about conquering the world and not falling into a useless motion. It’s about moving on with a head held high and keeping the emotions in check. Counting bruises like coins must kick-start a sinking feeling. Josh Lights A Fire starts slowly then the instruments blow open the songs stomach. It’s a pop punk master-class, take note young musical upstarts.

This Legend is a band that orchestrate their music with flair. The sounds are compelling and modern, keeping the pop punk brand alive.

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