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Review: The Lion and the Wolf – Symptoms

12-inch-jacketMarkHe inspires with musical precision and flair. Wowing flocks with acoustic melody, evoking and provoking, watching them rock their heads and clapping their hands. Cheering is a sound he is used to after he finishes a song and when he begins another one. His love for music truthful and his stance strong, he is an enigma, but a talented, masterful organiser of acoustic sounds.

His show name is The Lion And The Wolf and he’s going places, sparking melody and harmony, capturing the hearts of many. He implements emotion and intensity into his music, unlocking the very essence of beauty, never tarnishing the little lyrics that spout from his mouth, words that enter the heads like a poetic bombshell. Symptoms is the name of the album. A record steeped in perfected lines and empowering notes, musical notes that send signals, that make the sluggish mover dance like a champion.

The record begins with “Bandages”. It opens with a shudder of acoustic guitar. The vocal work is subtle and the lyrics are pressed with a sense of pessimism. But, the negativity doesn’t impair the song, it adds an emotional twist. “Perfect Threes” commences with a sombre, edgy voice. The little acoustic melody is complimented by a rush of instrumentals, swirling around like a gust of wind.

“Ghosts On Trinity” begins with a quirky guitar line, peppered with a sound of piano. Lyrically it’s dark, proving that the man behind the guitar is hurting. Hurting for clarity and explanations. “Ink And Skin” is a more upbeat offering. He talks of other poets and guitarists, sparking their muse like a cigarette. The drums offer a heartbeat like sound. “Curtain Call” is laced in sadness and grit. If It could, the guitar would cry all over the shoes of the man that plays it. It’s beautiful and compelling, haunting and heart-rending.

Thomas George is the persona behind the name, a musician that knows how to break boundaries and staying notable.

The album is out now and can be ordered (CD, vinyl or digital) via TLATW’s bandcamp page.

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Hi I'm Mark from Scotland. I write extensively about music. I also write other forms including poetry and short stories. I am very passionate about music and writing as well as gigging.

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