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Review: Six Time Champion – Expecting Honesty

Six Time Champion - Expecting HonestyMarkI sense a spark of despair and yearning in the music of pop punk band Six Time Champion. Their music is layered with a statement that channels through like spit on a microphone. The instant hooks and emphatic shudder of guitars enforce a million butterflies to swarm the abdomen, keeping the listener tuned in and alert. Crushing blows are evident, pessimism is splattered across the walls of the band members cognitive process, they’re somewhat hardened, but not in way where they kill everything in their paths or moan extensively about sickly love. This band throw out the rule book and give pop punk a clean out.

The new EP is called Expecting Honesty and it’s a admirable piece of music, that travels up the ear canals and into the beer soaked capsule. The record has been written with a sternness and brutality, capturing the essence of pop punk and its infectiousness. This brutality is heard on every track. The crushing words and expertly driven instrumentals and the black bitterness.

“Running Dry” starts proceedings. It’s a belting commence. The guitars rush and accompany the vocals wonderfully. The startling wordplay keeps the mind ticking and thinking. There is profanity there, there are words that could shatter a chandelier. The words describe a polluted life, a life destined to hit destruction, hard. “Expecting Honesty” is a track that has a fast paced guitar influence. It’s very volatile and is drenched in velocity, keeping the red alert button flashing, digging deep into the veins of negativity. This negative blend keeps the bands music beating, they’re an act that purposefully write with eyes bulging and fists clenched. “Separation” is the last track on the EP. It quivers the skin, brushing against the leg of mania. The song keeps the infectiousness flowing. The drumbeat and words churn well.

Six Time Champion is a band that hurts. They implement their feelings of alienation and disenchantment brilliantly on their new EP. Classifying themselves as talented and enigmatic entertainers.

Track Listing:

  1. Running Dry
  2. Happiness In Emptiness
  3. Expecting Honesty
  4. Dragging my Feet
  5. Separation

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