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Review: Carcass – Surgical Remission/Surplus Steel

Carcass - Surgical RemissionMoshAn ever so slightly unusual review this one in that it’d for a record I actually bought. Although I’ve not listened to it yet. Let me explain…

This reissue of collectible material (and one new track) came out in November. I pre-ordered the limited edition silver vinyl edition as a birthday treat for myself. It readily arrived (addressed to the wife) who his it away and gave it to me last Sunday when I was officially one year more decrepit.

However, we don’t actually have a record player. So like Lawnmower Deth’s Ooh, Crikey reissue from earlier this year, it’s now safe in the loft until we fork out for a new sound system next year.

However (I like my howevers), I did get access to a pre-release mp3 edition so I can still tell you what it’s like. And it’s brilliant.

There are only five tracks. Four of them have been released before – but only on real collector’s edition shit. Flexidiscs on old magazines, Japanese gatefolds… that kind of thing. So unless you’re an absolute Carcass completist with money and time to burn sourcing these things, it’s most likely you’ve not heard the songs before.

Soundwise, they’re very much of the post-Heartwork era rather than the far more grindcore earlier albums. Production on all five is great, lyrics are clear, guitars are crisp, drums are heavy. Pretty much what we’re used to from modern-day Carcass.

There are umpteen formats still available – coloured vinyl, mini-CD, mp3 – so pick one that suits your budget and collector preferences. Importantly, though, this isn’t a collection for the hardcore fan just to get one more version of something they’ve already got. It’s a chance for those of us not in that position to enjoy a handful of more original (at least to us) songs, and for a reasonable price.

Shop around the various Nuclear Blast online stores for different versions.

Track list:

  1. A Wraith In The Apparatus
  2. Intensive Battery Brooding
  3. Zochrot
  4. Livestock Marketplace
  5. 1985 (Reprise)

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