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Atlas Losing Grip - Currents[avatar user=”Mark” size=”50″ align=”left” /]Atlas Losing Grip have exploded onto the scene, matching up to any band that are in the same genre. Catching onto the seams of obscurity, fastening themselves onto the ultimate ride of fury. Their hard hitting brand of melodic metal enforces a greatness. A fluency, a sincere blend of hard work and talent. Their music yearns to be heard like a dog barking at a burning sky.

Named Currents, the record is a masterful, soaring, searing push in the right direction. A direction covered in enough sweat to fill a million pint glasses. The ethos is remarkable and relevant, operated like a well structured machine. Their togetherness is evident and tight – unbreakable even.

Currents opens with the colossal “Sinking Ship”. It beats hard, but doesn’t struggle under the weight of the guitars or bashfulness of the drums. It goes on like an adventurer. The vocals are tuned to perfection, battering against the microphone like water hitting the shore. “Shallow” begins with a succinct guitar sequence, blistering and epic. The vocals squeeze through, offering a great contrast to the instrumentals. The wordplay is poetic and evocative, structuring a fable as it progresses.

“Kings And Fools” is a song that starts with a low key guitar burst. Then the vocals pound the atmospheric hooks. “The End” starts with an infectious rattle of guitar. The trustworthy lyrics are pessimistic but admirable. Keeping that poetic influence alive, “Through The Distance” adds a punk aura to the album. It’s fast a volatile, creeping up from the shadows, and that chorus is a pleasure to listen to.

Atlas Losing Grip are becoming a Swedish success story. Operating and diversifying, creating atmosphere and energy.

Currents is out on January 16th, 2015 through Cargo Records. Pre-orders in a multitude of formats can be obtained from their official webstore.

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March 4, 2015 6:01 PM

[…] The new album, Currents, released through Cargo Records (Europe) and Creator-Destructor Records (North America), in January, was welcomed by fans and critics alike, including us here at The Moshville Times. […]