Review: We Are Carnivores – Tex-Mexiconomy

We Are Carnivores mexicoI confess. I’m doing this review of We Are Carnivore’s Tex-Mexiconomy purely so I can show you the rather bonkers video for “T.O.W.I.C.S.” again. WAC come from Nottingham and they’re one of those bands who are obviously having an absolute riot playing their songs.

Their facebook says that they play alternative/math rock (with a phone number to call for confirmation). The six tracks on the EP, I would say, are more a pop/punky sound but with something else which could well be to do with numbers. I’m sure if you ring them up they’ll explain.

While I find a lot of the “purer” mathcore jumps around too much for my liking. WAC’s music doesn’t. There are definite little skips here and there, but overall it’s far easier to get into and enjoy, mainly due to the lighter, catchier sections of the tracks.

Apparently the EP is self-recorded and produced (which I can completely believe) using only a single microphone in a bedroom (which I struggle to take on faith). It’s tight and well-balanced, but the quality is too good to be a “live” recording, surely?

Talking of “live”, this seems to be their selling point. Reading some interviews with them, watching their live videos and so on, you get a feeling these guys write music so that they can go mad for half an hour in front of a crowd. Again, check out the video below for a taster of the music and an idea of how utterly hatstand this band is.

The EP can be bought through Google Play, iTunes or their bigcartel store from the 10th of November.

facebook | twitter | youtube | soundcloud | bigcartel


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