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Review-two: Deserted Fear – Kingdom of Worms

deserted-fear-kingdom-of-worms[I actually reviewed this back in September, but James was so impressed that he wanted to get his own words across as well. He’s also written a far more thorough review than I did! Mosh]

JamesIt’s not very often that I recommend an album to so many people. Not least a death metal album. This is one is an exception. It is quite possibly one of the best albums I’ve heard this year, and what a year this has been. New albums from: Skalmold, Cannibal Corpse, War of Ages, Demon Hunter, Autopsy and Insomnium to name but a few. The album in question, Kingdom of Worms by Deserted Fear, released via FDA Rekotz.

This album varies entirely from the previous one I reviewed, in that it is more standard death metal. Fast drums, killer riffs, harsh vocals. This album has got you covered. Particularly the riffs. I could list off all the awesome riffs, but that would take far too much time.

In terms of production, it isn’t as polished as some of the other albums I’ve listened to and that is a good thing. Quite often, metal can sound too neat and tidy, thus loosing some of the aggression. Sometimes, a raw and gritty production can get the point across better. It almost sounds like it could have been released about 10/15 years ago. I’m tempted to say it’s better than some classic old school albums such as Vile and My Arms Your Hearse (Ok, maybe not that one).

Kicking the album off is the appropriately titled, “Intro”. A dark symphonic track, much like something you’d hear on a black metal/symphonic album, setting the tone for the album. Smashing in like a ton of bricks is the next track, “Forging Delusions”. A shot of pure adrenaline and anger, this track showcases the fine riffing of Manuel and Fabian, and the drumming of Simon.

I was caught off guard by the track “Torn by Hatred”. A calm instrumental track featuring acoustic guitars, it made for nice break from the “in your face” style of the album. Another track that stood out for me, was “Shattering the Soil”. Featuring one of the best riffs on the album, it starts with a slower section before kicking it into overdrive and keeping the aggression throughout. It literally does, Shatter the Soil.

In summary, this album is a refreshing old school sounding straight up death metal album. I couldn’t recommend giving it a listen enough; it’s really that good.

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