Review: Segression – Painted in Blood

Segression - Painted in Blood[avatar user=”Mosh” size=”50″ align=”left” /]Painted in Blood is Segression’s sixth album and their second after quite a long layoff (their self-titled fourth was released in 2002, the next was Never Dead in 2011). It was actually released on October 10th, so if this review makes you think you’d like to hear it, then you can already get a copy!

Hailing from Wollongong (I was there in 2007 – lovely place) in New South Wales, the band have been on the go since the mid-90’s. They’ve been a big player in the Australian metal scene for a long time, though – as with many of the bands I get sent details about – this is the first time I’ve heard of them.

Pointing a finger at the pigeonhole collection, I’d chuck the CD into “heavy metal”. With the slightest hint of “-core”. It’s certainly heavy, fast and angry.

The album opens in an absolutely furious flurry with the title track. The video for this was actually banned from promotion on facebook which has to be a good thing – good shit’s always put down by The Man! Watch it below…

Throughout, there’s a great feel to the sound with the bass guitar thrumming through so many of the rhythmical sections. Leaden riffs power down, intertwined with flurries of melodic or strident guitar. Throughout it all, the drumming maintains pace. Vocals are predominantly fairly gruff, though there are some (rare) sequences of more traditional singing and near-spoken word.

This is music to pound the shit out of things to. It’s not a passive album in any sense. It involves your head, neck, fists and emotions.

Stand-out tracks – the title track and “Grounded” for its near-funky verses which really sets it apart from the other songs.

Oh, kudos to whoever did the album sleeve and packaging as well. Wonderfully detailed and morbid.

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