Review: A Mouth Full of Matches – Smoke Signals

A Mouth Full Of Matches AMFOM - Smoke SignalsMarkWhen it comes to atmospheric hooks, A Mouth Full Of Matches are frontrunners. Creating monumental sounds that pull at the ribcage, music that quivers the spine and the heart, depending on if you’re accustomed to their arena sound. Becoming pioneers takes time, but this band are on their way, saluting the fans as they stride. Provoking minds is their mission and getting that energetic, slightly haunting beat into many ears is on the agenda.

The band is back with a new EP called Smoke Signals. It’s a record that holds four songs that flutter like a pair of wings. Opening track “Danger High” is captivating. Vocally soft, but the guitar is super charged and manic, offering the listener some real blended instrumentals. The chorus is colossal, deeply infectious. “One By One” is massive song, it would fit perfectly in an arena setting. It’s very subtle vocally, but the immense guitar hooks pound the edges of volatility. There is another potent chorus to enrich the musical warrior.

“Wait For Me” is a song that takes different steps. It’s balanced well, proving that the band is consistent. The riffs are pleasing, going beyond the norm. Lyrically the pessimism rings true. “Young Blood” commences with a quirky riff, edging into the trail of infectiousness. This band know how to form songs that stick in the mind.

A Mouth Full Of Matches is a band that don’t let the quality drop into the arms of mediocrity. They’re a band that is ever so superior.

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