Review: Second to Sun – Three Fairy Tales

Second to Sun - Three Fairy TalesTime for one more quick review today – and the lucky band out of the battle-scarred helmet are Russia’s Second To Sun. Their blurb describes them as playing “progressive metal/hardcore with black metal/experimental music influences” and “modern and avant-garde heavy metal music with the elements of black metal and ethnic Finno-Ugric music”. Which really doesn’t help describe their actual sound at all. You really need to hear it.

They’re definitely experimental – there’s a huge collection of instruments and techniques used across the three songs present on this EP. I found opener “The Trapper” a little hard to get my head around in places partly due to this, but the second and third tracks (“Merämaa” and “Barmaley”) are far more accessible the new listener.

The heaviness varies even throughout individual tracks with head-pounding fury giving way to ambient keyboards seemingly at a whim. It rarely sounds disjointed, however, which is a good trick if you can manage it. I find too many prog or prog-influenced bands have failed to master this and it’s one reason I stubbornly keep saying I don’t like prog (yet keep finding prog bands that I actually like).

Overall, it’s an unusual piece but one definitely worth checking out if you like experimental stuff, or just want to hear something a little different. You could be pleasantly surprised.

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