Review: Crobot – Something Supernatural

Crobot - Something SupernaturalAnother quick overview of a new release as I try to whittle away at the huge logpile of outstanding (in both senses) albums. Something Supernatural was released on October 24th, so if the following words make you hunger for its rock groovings then you can already rush out and buy it!

Crobot have released a cracking blend of blues, funk, country twang and old-style rock’n’roll  – music that just sits there, wiggles a bit and says “enjoy me”. If you last through half a track without tapping your foot then you need medical attention.

Songs like “Chupacabra” just jump straight in and assail you with blunt force riffage, whereas gentler numbers such as “La Mano de Lucifer” lull you into a gentle, relaxed – and false – sense of ease before dropping the heaviness on you.

Something Supernatural is eleven tracks of head-banging, hair-swinging delight that should go down live very well indeed. Pretty much all of them just hook you from the first few notes and won’t let go until the final chords fade.

Stand-out tracks: “Cloud Spiller” is one of the more frenetic numbers and I love the chorus. “Necromancer” has a mouth organ in it. I can’t resist a bit of that.

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November 14, 2015 3:48 PM

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