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Review: Threshold – For The Journey

Threshold - For The JourneyThreshold’s For The Journey has been out for a few days (unless you’re in the US in which case it comes out on Tuesday 30th), and it’s not the prog-album that people may be expecting.

I gave it a couple of listens before reading the promo literature which labels Threshold as a progressive metal act. Everywhere I’ve looked, they’re branded as prog. Thankfully, the new blurb backed up my own feelings – the band themselves no longer see themselves as a prog act – so I was listening to the right album!

While there are definitely prog influences in the sound (a small amount of electronica and a 12-minute track amongst them), I would otherwise lump them pretty much into “hard rock”. In other words, just because you “don’t like prog” (like me…), you should still check them out.

There are some great tracks on the album, and they’re very well written. Soaring, emotional, catchy, edgy and very easy to listen to. My youngest daughter wandered up just as “Autumn Red” was starting up, and began waving her head side to side in rhythm to it. She’s two. If she can find the beat that easily, anyone can. The songs are that easy to get into.

Picking a stand-out track is no easy task, though I’d confess it wouldn’t be the lengthy “The Box”, good though it is. I’d probably go for “The Mystery Show” with it’s mixture of dramatic chords and “wave your lighter in the air” chorus.

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