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Review: Belphegor – Conjuring the Dead

Belphegor - Conjuring the DeadReleased just under a month ago, and another result of me playing “catch-up” on my mailbox, Belphegor‘s Conjuring the Dead is a wonderful piece of doomy black metal with incredible atmosphere.

Whereas many bands of their genre just go all out with the blast beats and sheer face-pummelling noise, Belphegor have opted to dress these  up with an orchestral tone surrounding the heavier material and the end result is impressive. Don’t worry, the fast & furious material is well and truly present, but it’s made all the better by sitting alongside clanging church bells and haunting acoustic guitar.

Helmuth and Serpenth – the core members of the band – have been joined by Marthyn on drums and Schoft on strings for the album recording. “Legions of Destruction” features guest vocals from none other than Glen Benton and Mayhem‘s Atilla.

I often find black/extreme metal a bit samey. Belphegor have created something – to me – much more accessible and enjoyable. It’s every bit as dark, depraved and foul as this genre should be – but they’ve added an extra layer of horror.

Definitely one to look for if your idea of a church visit is sometime around midnight while carrying a flaming torch. Check out the title track below.

Track list:

  1. Gasmask Terror 3:41
  2. Conjuring the Dead 4:33
  3. In Death 4:12
  4. Rex Tremendae Majestatis 5:21
  5. Black Winged Torment 3:26
  6. The Eyes 1:19
  7. Legions of Destruction 4:28
  8. Flesh Bones and Blood 3:31
  9. Lucifer, Take Her! 2:48
  10. Pactum In Aeternum 3:18

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