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Review: Accept – Blind Rage

Accept - Blind RageSneaking this review in just before the release date. Accept’s Blind Rage is out on August 15th through Nuclear Blast.

Accept rode the wave of a resurgence in metal a few years ago with a German number four album in Blood of the Nations. During a period where classic acts are returning, reforming and proving that rock & roll doesn’t die, Accept have been selling out shows and playing the main stage at some of the top festivals.

Success continued with Stalingrad and two years on, we have Blind Rage.

Blind Rage starts with a “Stampede” (literally, that’s the first track) and never lets up. It’s as metal as anything Manowar ever released and anthemic as they come. Mark Tornillo‘s vocals remind me of a lower toned Brian Johnson and his voice rides comfortably over the chugging rhythm section.

The twin guitars are used to good effect – twiddly bits in the background of verses and screaming out solos during the bridges. Overall very well put together.

There are a few tracks that start out deceptively “light”, with clean or acoustic notes tinkling in the air. Rest assured, there’s no “Nothing Else Matters” on here. They all develop into crushing metal!

If I had to pick a stand-out track, I’d go for “Fall of the Empire” for its heaviness and slow pace. It’s just that bit different from the rest of the album. I can picture an army of metal-clad warriors marching to this one!

For a band to “make it” twice in their career is impressive, but on the strength of Blind Rage, Accept deserve the plaudits. This is an album of pure, distilled heavy metal.

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