100-Word Review: Phobiatic – Fragments of Flagrancy

Phobiatic - Fragments of FlagrancyGerman technical/old school death metal pours forth with this release from Phobiatic. Their second album, following on from 2012’s An Act of Atrocity (also the name used for their initial demo) an released at the end of last month. In other words, you can buy it now!

While there is nothing inherently new about Fragments of Flagrancy, it’s another example of the life that’s still left in long-standing genres.

Overall it’s dirty, fast and evil but once in a while you get a little break such as in the middle of “Suitable Method”. The occasional flurry of hammered notes adds a slightly modern twist to the otherwise predominantly old-school sound. Deicide-like layered vocals also feature.

Initial impressions are good, and after a few listens it just gets better. A familiar enough sound to hook you, but original enough to keep you interested.

Worthwhile listen for death fans.

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