100-Word review: Night By Night – NxN

Night By Night - NxNNxN was released on July 14th through Sun Hill Production / Cargo Records and comes from a Lond0n-based 5-piece. This is Night by Night’s debut album.

In essence, this is about as much middle-of-the-road rock as you can get. Three sets of vocals, providing harmony support for the lead, wailing guitars and a up-tempo drumbeat. This really sounds like a group, not just a vocalist with some musicians in the background as can sometimes be the case.

The obvious tracks are all there – anthems, power ballads, rebellious rockers.

If you fancy a soundtrack from the 80’s that comes from a band that don’t look like they were at their peak at that actual time, this could be it. All of the attitude, none of the wrinkles.

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