100-Word Review: Harangue – By The Strength of the Mighty Atlas

Harangue - By The Strength of the Mighty AtlasAn album of the type this page was designed to support, Harangue’s By The Strength of the Mighty Atlas is a self-released title from an unsigned act.

The metalcore quintet are from Canada and this is their second release, following on from 2013’s Battle Not With Monsters. It came out in June of this year and can be purchased from their bandcamp page on a “name your price” basis.

This is a typical metalcore album in that it’s shouty, angry, starts strong and doesn’t let go. However, the off-kilter guitar (such as on the intro to “The Engine 2.0”) give it almost an experimental edge to go along with the crushing tempo.

The band give themselves time to breathe with some interesting intros, and the occasional break mid-track. This allows the bass in particular to be heard clearly, something few bands do except for incredibly rare bass solos.

Opener “Denmark” is my highlight track, the kind of thing that would get a crowd going wild for it’s too-short 1:55.

facebook | bandcamp

[if bandcamp player above doesn’t work, please got to the page to check out the tracks]

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