100-Word Review: Algebra – Feed The Ego

Algebra - Feed The EgoI confess I’d not focussed on this album, as – from the band’s name – I assumed they were a bit mathcore and that’s not a genre I’m a big fan of. Oh, how wrong I was. It turns out that Algebra are actually more old-school thrash… Their self-titles debut came out in 2012 and was picked up by Stormspell Records, and Feed The Ego is its follow-up.

Algebra’s style brings to mind Slayer back in the day, with guitars zipping from one ear to the other if you’re wearing headphones. A big, fat, heavy sound promising to unleash torrential thrashing fury… and not disappointing at all when it does.

The riffs are simple and the songs varied with clear vocals over the top. Actually, I’d say that they remind me a bit more of Exodus from their earlier years. And then they chuck in something balladic like “My Shelf”, which nods in the direction of Testament.

This is a cracking thrash album and definitely worth checking out.

Feed the Ego is out now through Unspeakable Axe Records. You can listen to the whole thing (and purchase it) on the label’s bandcamp page. I’ve changed the streamed bandcamp track below to a YouTube video as bandcamp embeds seem to be playing up again :(

facebook | youtube

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August 7, 2014 12:00 PM

Good review! One thing – I assume from context that “failing to disappoint” is not what you meant to say?