100-Word Review: Lost in Echoes – Sons of Broken Men

Lost in Echoes - Sons of Broken MenWoah, I need to check my email more often. Sons of Broken Men, from Stirling’s Lost in Echoes (a former Band of the Day), came out around February this year and the band sent me a copy way back around the time of release. As ever, “real” lilfe got on top of me and it got lost in the pile.

Which is gutting, as it’s a cracking four track release.

Genre-wise I’d probably pop this into the metalcore basket for vocals, with more of a post-hardcore sound for the music itself. It’s an angsty and angry release with plenty of energy behind it.

There’s no doubting singer Owen’s country of origin as his Scots accent spits out pained lyrics over the top of the hammering, yet groove-laden, output from his bandmates.

Sons of Broken Men is enough to give you a good impression of Lost in Echoes. Plenty of variety in only four tracks.

The other thing it give you is a feeling that these guys probably kill it live.

The EP is a free downloadGet it via this link (ZIP file, songs in m4a format)

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