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Review: Bastard of the Skies / Grimpen Mire split EP

Bastard of the Skies + Grimpen Mire split EPFirst of all, my apologies to Dave at Future Noise for taking so long to get this one up. The EP came out in May, but my “to do” list is just mental. I’m trying to get as much done as I can, but sadly some items will slip down cracks or fall by the wayside. Reasons and priorities are explained in this post from a while back.

Anyway, a split EP is no bad thing. Two bands for the price of one and it can be the start of many an exciting career. Or a hapless floundering through the music business until you become “that novelty act” that Download book when they’re desperate, like Lawnmower Deth. Either way, one purchase / two bands.

First up are Blackburn-based sludge-chunderers Bastard of the Skies. Very slow, very heavy but somehow managing to have some kind of melody in there – quite a feat.

You get four tracks by them, and surprisingly for the genre, one (“Wounder”) is under two minutes in length. Still, twenty minutes overall is a good chance to sample their sound and they’re pretty accessible for one of the heavier genres. Very head-noddy stuff rather than a wall of continuous bass rumble that some bands seem to aim for.

I enjoyed their stuff far more than I expected I would. Good luck to them!

Joining them on the EP are a band from the cradle of metal, Birmingham. Grimpen Mire also get about 20 minutes to strut their filthy stuff, this time with more of a doom edge.

Three lengthy tracks that are slightly faster in pace than their compatriots’, but by no means even remotely less heavy. While I can see a crowd at a BotS gig slowly bouncing their hairy manes, Grimpen Mire could encourage a bit more movement and the raising of clenched fists. The centre section of “Vermin Hive” has an almost nautical feel to the rhythm which should have any self-respecting audience bouncing up and down.

Two decent young bands on a split 12″. If you like your music slow and heavy then they both deserve your time and attention. Recording quality is good for both, so you’ll be getting your moneys-worth. And if one or both make it big, then this will be a hell of a collectible!

You can pick it up from Future Noise’s BigCartel page (though at this precise moment, it’s undergoing maintenance, apparently).

Bastard of the Skies: facebook | bandcamp

Grimpen Mire: facebook | bandcamp | myspace

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