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GIK Acoustics - Europe
GIK Acoustics - Europe
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Imperative Music Volume VI – and how to get your band on their samplers!

Imperative Music VIImperative Music kindly sent me Volume VI of their ongoing series of sampler CDs to check out recently. Between the postal service (it came from Brazil with some lovely stamps on) and me being crap, Volume VII is already out and they’re asking for submissions for Volume VIII!

Essentially, it’s like the CDs they used to/still do put on the cover of Metal Hammer, but seems more geared towards unsigned, independent acts. So, obviously, I’m all for it.

Of the bands on VI, I’ve heard of exactly one – former Band of the Day Haiduk. It’s a very international effort with bands from Japan, Netherlands, Taiwan, Brazil, UK, Sweden and more.

Genre-wise, they’re not fussy either. What I did like, though, was that it seems that the album’s put together like a good nightclub DJ set. The tracks move forward and change style gradually. You won’t get a death number followed by a light rock ballad, for example. In the case of VI, the opening couple of bands are very orchestral and it progresses from there. By the end of the album we’ve gone through some traditional death, regular metal, battle metal, thrash and more.

Genuinely a great collection for those with a variety of tastes looking for something new.

If you’re in a band – I’ve been told they’re specifically looking for UK-based acts for the next compilation due in October – get in touch via their facebook page. You can also get details of bands previously featured there.

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