Funeral Horse – new album launched

Funeral Horse - Sinister Rites of the MasterAlmost a year ago, Funeral Horse got in touch and I featured them as a Band of the Day. Months on and they’re back with a new album, out now, called Sinister Rites of the Master.

You can pick it up via their bandcamp page as a download or on vinyl, and you can also have a preview listen to it there.

Production on this stoner metal album is very old-school. Not bells or whistles and it almost comes across like a recorded live set rather than an album. Rough around the edges, but no worse off for it.

Where it’s easy to compare such bands to the likes of Sabbath, in this instance I actually had the Rolling Stones knocking about in my head during the opening track (“Until the Last Nation Falls”) for some reason. As the album progresses, though, the tone just settle a bit and the slightly slower, traditional stoner starts to come through once more.

“Executioner of Kings”, for example, is far heavier while album closer “Working Man” is pure, driven head-bobbingness.

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