100-Word Review: The Lustmord – Trapped in Purgatory

The Lustmord - Trapped in PurgatoryAll the details about The Lustmord’s slight name change and the EP launch are in a previous article. This here is about how good, or otherwise, Trapped in Purgatory actually is. As of today it’s available in a physical form, with the first bunch of CDs being sold at a gig the band are playing tonight. After that, you’ll be able to order them online as well.

With track names like Blood Flows Red and Zombie Disease, there’s no surprised that this is a pretty heavy album. Labelled as death/black, I’d say it’s more the former than the latter. Production is a little treble-y, but this makes the bass drum stick out like a metronome rather than muddying the lower end of the sound.

Guitars are good and crunchy and the rhythms run from blisteringly fast to soul-achingly slow. There’s a thrash edge to the sound as well, rather than just going for the wall of noise approach.

Fast, heavy and violent. Ideal for tea parties ;)


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