100-Word Review: Brood of Hatred – Skinless Agony

brood-of-hatred-skinless-agonyFeatured as band of the day back in February, Brood of Hatred are new-ish-comers from Tunisia. Skinless Agony  is their second release after an EP (New Order of Intelligence) in 2012. It’s available through Crime Records, and was released on March 10th.

Extreme metal has quite a big following for such a niche market, and some great bands within it. Brood of Hatred have the chance to be right up there with the big boys on the strength of Skinless Agony.

The mix puts guttural vocals and down-tuned guitars to the front with the blastbeats and bass carrying the rhythm as a rear guard. Despite frenetic drumming, the tuned instruments often carry a much slower riff than expected, giving a sound with multiple layers. Almost like listening to two different songs at once, but which have merged well.

Extreme, but accessible, metal.

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