100-Word Review: A Breach of Silence – Dead or Alive

A Breach of Silence - Dead or AliveI put A Breach of Silence’s latest video online a couple of weeks ago and recently got round to listening to the album. And, wow… The won the Q Music Award in 2012 for Best Heavy Song and normally I find such awards a little… “industry led” shall we say. Do we have an exception to the rule here?

When I first started listening to Dead or Alive I, as ever, tried to figure out what bands it sounded like. My shortlist boiled down to Soilwork and Bullet For My Valentine. Melodic like the former, metalcore like the latter. It’s hard to believe this is a debut album.

Every track has a very full and rich sound with layers of guitars and the twin vocals intertwining. If a song’s not making you want to sing along, it’s making you want to jump around or punch the air.

Seriously, this is good stuff. An award winning band who deserve it.

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