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GIK Acoustics - Europe
GIK Acoustics - Europe
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Muppets Most WantedOK, this one’s a bit out there. It’s also a bit late as it was released on the 24th (my apologies to the publicists), but hey – it’s The Muppets. They won’t mind.

A new Muppets film is on the horizon – Most Wanted – and that means a tie-in/soundtrack album. And I’m reviewing it. On a metal music page. Because? Because it’s the damn Muppets, that’s why. And they’re awesome.

The album’s good value at 25 tracks (including 5 demo/out-takes at the end) and pretty much what you’d expect from the furry funsters. A few of them are verbal segments from the film or help with the narrative. You could almost treat this as an album version of the movie, so I’d actually recommend seeing the film first as the CD could contain spoilers!

Of course, there’s a wealth of guest voices. None of them really huge in the rock/metal world; I suppose the closest is Lady Gaga on lead track “We’re Doing A Sequel”, and only because she had The Darkness opening for her on tour a year or so ago. Actually, there are people more metal on the album – Danny Trejo and Ray Liotta guest on “The Casa Grande”. Both, in my book, qualify as honorary carriers of the metal flag.

Highlight of the album for me, though, is the famous Muppets theme song… in Spanish, with a flamenco edge, by “Los Muppets”.

It’s a silly album, as it should be. If you’ve seen any of the recent films then you’ll know what to expect of the songs, but – it’s The Muppets! Any series featuring Animal has automatic coolness that means you can own this album and not have to cash in your metal accreditation.

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