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GIK Acoustics - Europe
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Nekrogoblikon – Power

Nekrogoblikon - PowerI don’t often do album / EP reviews, the simple reason being that I struggle time-wise with just the news and the New Band of the Day posts. However, if a band comes along that I particularly like and I get something in advance of release (please, this isn’t a hint – I honestly am pushed for time so I can’t make promises!) so that I can publicise it in some way then…

Nekrogoblikon are one such band. They’re mental. As a cageful of orcs being constantly barraged with handfuls of itching powder. I featured them as New Band of the Day a little while ago and they have the best press releases you’ve ever seen. If I was lazy I’d just copy and paste it for you. Actually, it wouldn’t be lazy. It would be sharing a piece of comedic genius.

Their five-track EP Power is due out on the 27th of this month and I should have had this article up sooner but I’m crap at scheduling workloads. Oops.

I hope this article is as worth waiting for as the songs are, though. The tracklisting is as follows:

  1. Friends (In Space)
  2. Nothing but Crickets
  3. Powercore
  4. Derailed
  5. Giraffe

I’ve had a chance for a couple of listens and it really is nicely unbalanced. Given that it’s been written by people who live in a cave (in LA, apparently) and only practice every other leap year on a full moon – seriously, it says that – it sounds pretty good. That could be partly due to the mixing being done by Matt Hyde (Deftones, Children of Bodom). I don’t believe that Matt also resides in a cave, but I don’t have any notes to back that up.

Each of the tracks, as well as being primarily a deathy, heavy song, has its own little background sound. Keyboard in one, glockenspiel in another, a bit of harmonica elsewhere. You know the stuff. Actually, you don’t, because few bands are this level of hatstand.

They’re fast, heavy, bouncy, catchy and mental.

Imagine the lunacy of Lawnmower Deth melded to the mental condition that convinces you that you live in another world such as that suffered by Alestorm. Then add little green cave-dwelling monsters.

Sadly, I can’t post any samples up to really let you know how good it is, but I’m sure something will appear on YouTube or somewhere around release time. Keen an eye on their facefart page for updates.

The other thing that I know I’m missing out on the live show. I’ve heard great things especially after their run at Download etc. over the summer. Here’s hoping they can convince the world to embrace Goblin sliminess to a degree that allows them to travel safely and unhindered even into such evil-infested lands as Mordor. Or Glasgow.

So lock up your pets and secure your other edibles. Nekrogoblikon are on the prowl…

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