Review: Christmas Songs – Part 2

Christmas Day is just around the corner but there’s just time to squeeze in some more Christmas tunes for you to enjoy.

First a couple of Christmas compilations. Note these are compilations released to coincide with Christmas rather than compilations of Christmas songs.

  • According to Asher Media Relations, “‘Tis the season to headbang…” and who am I to argue? They are offering fifty tracks to download and describe the styles as ranging from metal to rock and every sub-genre in-between. Something for everyone then? Check out Happy Metal Annihilation Vol.6. Too many good tracks to pick from but highlights for me would be Van Halst (track 48) and Jupiter Hollow (track 23).
  • Incendia Music have released 15 tracks in what they describe as a “killer Christmas Compilation”. Bands featured include: Agent; Brutai, Defences; Elbrano; Empire; Voyager… So don’t expect a silent night! Download and enjoy: Incendia Music Christmas Compilation ’16

The first of the proper Christmas tunes come from Farewell For Now in the shape of “Merry Christmas, I Miss You”. Described as “pop punk” this is a mellow, acoustic track and might be just what you need if you are roasting your chestnuts on an open fire. Try the stream on Soundcloud and download if you like what you hear.

If, like me, you like your Christmas a bit more on the noisy side, try “The Absent Christmas” from Scythia. The term “progressive power folklore metallers” seems to have been invented specially for them but if the slightly mental description fits… Expect to hear clanging chimes and big orchestral sounds if you stream it from bandcamp. There is more than a hint of the How the Grinch Who Stole Christmas in this track…but more powerful…and more folky…and much more metal!

From one slightly mental offering to Shotgunner‘s Christmas EP. Four tracks are on offer including “Feliz Navidad” as you’ve (probably) never heard it before – shouty metal vocals, snatches of “O Come, All Ye Faithful” in the guitar licks and a dub reggae section! The press release describes them as “Post Apocalyptic Party Metal” – is it just me, or are are sub-genres getting ever more sub?

Saving my favourite for last…Joe Bonamassa. Joe has continued his Christmas tradition of releasing a free Christmas blues track to download. This year he has covered “Bring Back My Cadillac”. In exchange for your email address, he will send you the new track plus five other Christmas songs from the Joe of Christmas past.

I hope you enjoy these Christmas songs half as much as I have enjoyed reviewing them! Wishing you a happy Christmas and a Guid New Year!

Asher Media Relations: official | facebook | twitter

Incendia Music: official

Farewell For Now: facebook

Scythia: officialfacebook

Shotgunner: facebook

Joe Bonamassa: official | facebook | twitter | google+ | instagram | pinterest | youtube

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