Give peace a chance

[Apologies if the writing isn't up to scratch on this - I've barely slept in a few days due to baby-looking-after duties and it's a tricky post to write to get things across in a way that's unlikely to offend anyone. Please do bear in mind, though, that if you are offended it's down to my … Continue reading Give peace a chance

New Band of the Day: Woslom

Mention "Brazil" and "thrash metal" in the same sentence and there's one inevitable band that springs to mind (and its many spin-offs and side-projects). But Sao Paolo isn't just home to the mighty Sepultura. Releasing their first self-financed album in 2010 after thirteen years together as a band, Woslom are another act who deserve a … Continue reading New Band of the Day: Woslom

The Black Dahlia Murder – Europe / UK tour dates

The Black Dahlia Murder's sixth studio album, Everblack, is out on June 10th. The first single from it, "Into the Everblack" is streaming on the Metal Blade site. When the played in support of Cannibal Corpse and DevilDriver recently, they did mention they would be back in September and they weren't kidding. There's a ton of … Continue reading The Black Dahlia Murder – Europe / UK tour dates

Amon Amarth – Album art, streaming single and track listing

Yeah, yeah - I'm a little behind on this. But for those who've not heard yet, this is worth checking out because... well, because it's Amon Amarth! The new album, Deceiver of the Gods, comes out on April 24th via Metal Blade (possibly slightly earlier/later for territories other than the UK). The epic offering was recorded … Continue reading Amon Amarth – Album art, streaming single and track listing

Demise of Your Demise

The guys in Your Demise have decided to call it a day. I'm now kicking myself even harder for missing the Glasgow show a few weeks back. They still have a few gigs left to play and those commitments will be met. Going by the video statement below, the band seem in high spirits and … Continue reading Demise of Your Demise

Interview: Atrocity

With Okkult due for release on the 26th April (or 7th May if you live in the land of the free and the home of the delayed album release), Atrocity are venturing into unexplored territory. Two more albums will follow, all continuing the theme and creating a trilogy of releases in a way never attempted before … Continue reading Interview: Atrocity