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GIK Acoustics - Europe
GIK Acoustics - Europe
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Iskald interview

Simon Larsen from chilly metallers (and former Band of the Day) Iskald took time out to answer a few of my inane questions… Three years since the release of The Sun I Carried Alone. How much of that was spent on the writing/recording process? We did some tours, and we used [...]

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Band of the Day: Wake the Dead

France continues to throw good acts in my direction from various genres. Today’s band, Wake the Dead, fall into the “post/punk hardcore” pigeonhole. The first band that springs to mind when I hear them are Heights, though there are plenty of others in that genre. Harsh, angry vocals clash with [...]

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Týr bag three Faroese Music Awards

Týr has been honoured in their homeland with three awards at this year’s Faroese Music Awards festivities. The band won in the categories: Band of the Year 2013 Album of the Year 2013 Album cover of the Year 2013 There’s also a national news broadcast where KVF TV mentions Týr as one [...]

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YB video with “sexually explicit graphic content” – watch it here!

OK, before I get shut down by my web host, let’s put this in context… Superstars in Korea, YB are known in their homeland for being edgy and for occasionally pushing the envelope. However, according to the Korean censors, YB may have finally gone a bit too far. The video [...]

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Conquest of Steel – interview

Sod my luck. Sort out an interview with these mad guys from Bradford… and then they go and decide to put the band on hold! Despite this, Chris took time out to answer some of my random questions for which I am much obliged! Conquest of Steel were a Band [...]

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Steel Panther / The Cringe – Glasgow O2 Academy

[Photos on Flickr – Steel Panther / The Cringe] So we rolled up outside the Barrowlands at the back of seven and realised that it didn’t exactly look like a venue expecting a gig to be on. This may have been because Steel Panther had shifted to the O2 Academy, [...]

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