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GIK Acoustics - Europe
GIK Acoustics - Europe
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Golden Oldie: Poison – Open Up and Say… Ahh!

A quick name-change from “Oldie but Goldie” to the shorted “Golden Oldie” and the first under the new banner is a classic of glam rock. The reason I’ve plucked Poison‘s Open Up and Say… Ahh! out is after hearing a track or two from it being played over the PA before Rock of [...]

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100-Word review: Night By Night – NxN

NxN was released on July 14th through Sun Hill Production / Cargo Records and comes from a Lond0n-based 5-piece. This is Night by Night’s debut album. In essence, this is about as much middle-of-the-road rock as you can get. Three sets of vocals, providing harmony support for the lead, wailing [...]

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100-Word Review: Phobiatic – Fragments of Flagrancy

German technical/old school death metal pours forth with this release from Phobiatic. Their second album, following on from 2012’s An Act of Atrocity (also the name used for their initial demo) an released at the end of last month. In other words, you can buy it now! While there is nothing [...]

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100-Word Review: Algebra – Feed The Ego

I confess I’d not focussed on this album, as – from the band’s name – I assumed they were a bit mathcore and that’s not a genre I’m a big fan of. Oh, how wrong I was. It turns out that Algebra are actually more old-school thrash… Their self-titles debut [...]

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100-Word Review: Haze – Clouds, Surround & Breathe

Wolverhampton’s Haze, featuring former members of Fallacy, release their debut album on the 10th of August. You can pre-order it via this link or this one, if the review and sample appeal. The vinyl release comes with a free 7″ single, too, if you pre-order. Straddling the genres of post-hardcore and punk, Clouds, [...]

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Comments fixed (I hope)

Comments fixed (I hope)

A few people have mentioned they’ve been having difficulty posting comments on the blog and I believe I’ve sorted it – while hopefully still filtering out the 100-200 spam messages that get posted each day! Thank you to those who let me know there was an issue. Tech details: it [...]

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