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GIK Acoustics - Europe
GIK Acoustics - Europe
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Fancy some blues?

Fancy some blues?

If there hadn’t been the blues, there wouldn’t have been rock. Without rock, no metal. Blues scales are still used by loads of bands in their best songs, so in view of this I’m popping up an honorary blues song for you to check out. Oh, it also happens to [...]

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Cover Song of the Day: Heart – Stairway to Heaven

This one just popped up on my facebook feed and it’s a glorious cover. Not just because it’s a classic piece of music being covered by one of the longest-running (and deservedly-so) rock bands out there, but the situation in which the performance is taking place. On December 2nd, 2012, President [...]

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New Band of the Day: Conan (includes tour dates)

I’m tieing this one in with news of their upcoming UK tour. Conan, who let’s face it must be named after Robert E. Howard‘s classic Cimmerian (or, if you’re a sad git who doesn’t read books, then two of Arnie’s early films), come from an equally chilly and remorseless place: Liverpool. They [...]

January 2, 2014 Mosh Band of the Day, Tours/Live Dates 2

New Band of the Day (2): Thulium

Second new band of the day today (courtesy of a duplicate in 2013), and this one’s a heads-up for a new release coming in February. I saw the name “Thulium” and thought there’s a cheap joke. Thulium is a metal located on the period table with the atomic number of 69. [...]

January 1, 2014 Mosh Band of the Day 2

New Band of the Day (1): Terraform

The first of two posts in this category today as I correct a cockup from last year where I did one band twice! Terraform (UK – I assume there’s another one out there in some other country) are based in Birmingham and are purveyors of prog. As far as I [...]

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Cover Song of the Day: Acid Reign – Hangin’ on the Telephone

Courtesy of those nutters in Acid Reign, here’s a Blondie cover which they put out quite some years ago. “Hangin’ on the Telephone” was a hit for the sexy punkster and her backing band in the 80’s. Acid Reign covered it not too long after and re-released it a couple [...]

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