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GIK Acoustics - Europe
GIK Acoustics - Europe
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  • Band of the Day: Brewfish

    You’ve heard of Brewdog, now let us introduce you to Brewfish… Simple things first – where are you guys from? We are based out of Long Beach, California.

  • Album Review: FirstBourne – Pick Up The Torch

    A genre I rarely find myself listening to is AOR. Which is a shame as there are some classic acts within it, and some awesome tracks. Thing is,

  • Band of the Day: DMS

    Keeping it local (to us) with Edinburgh band DMS… Simple things first – where are you guys from? Based in Edinburgh but Callum is from the frozen north

  • William DuVall header

    Album Review: William DuVall – One Alone

    William DuVall isn’t just the geezer who had the unenviable task of taking over the mic once held by Layne Staley, but this Washington native is more. He’s

  • Band of the Day: Jack & Sally

    From London by way of lots of bits of Asia (south and south east!) come today’s Band of the Day… Simple things first – where are you guys

Talking Bollocks – All About The Rock podcast

Howard from Acid Reign has obviously got bored talking at himself in a mirror and decided to regale you all with his witterings via a podcast that he’s just started up. Issue / Episode / Whatever number one is currently available for streaming and download via the All About The [...]

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New Band of the Day: Red Skull Ritual

Red Skull Ritual have been braving the arctic cold of Saskatchewan for around two years now and have a decent catalogue of their own material available. The four of them seem to be mad as a box of badgers, and they play melodic metal with a heavy groove) or so [...]

January 12, 2014 Mosh Band of the Day 0

Cover Song of the Day: Northern Kings – Brothers in Arms

Northern Kings are a Finnish “supergroup” made up of members of other ongoing acts (including Sonata Arctica, Nightwish, Charon and Teräsbetoni). They’ve released two albums ([amazon text=Rethroned&asin=B001MSB3CS] and [amazon text=Reborn&asin=B000WWN3NM] in 2007 and 2008 respectively), both of which are made up completely of covers. Today’s pick of the bunch, Dire Straits‘ “Brother in Arms”, [...]

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New Band of the Day: Egos at the Door

Now this is a bit of a mixture of styles. Jazz, hardcore, screamcore, mathcore… A bit of everything in a Blackburn-originated pot. They formed in 2011 when the band members were between the ages of 17 and 20. Already experiencing all the ups and downs of being a young and penniless [...]

January 11, 2014 Mosh Band of the Day 0

Kuazar – new single

Paraguay’s Kuazar – one of the first New Band of the Days back in April 2013 – have a new song out and it’s free for you to download! “Puppets of the Devil’s Will” is available to pilfer from a Dropbox link, but only for a short time so use [...]

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Kampfar release new single

Critically acclaimed metal-veterans Kampfar will, with their coming release Djevelmakt, step one step closer to the Black Metal throne. The first single, “Mylder”, is already out and today they release a new single – “Swarm Norvegicus”! It is available on digital services like iTunes, Spotify and WiMP as well as Soundcloud. Or you [...]

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