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GIK Acoustics - Europe
GIK Acoustics - Europe
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Interview: Chrysalis

[With a new album already in the shops, Chrysalis used some of their “thank feck the hard work’s done on that one” time to answer a few questions – thanks, guys!] The new album’s out today (as I’m writing this) and it’s the first release in seven years. Why the long [...]

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Cover Song of the Day: Bev & Bob – Chop Suey

Well, you know my proviso that all good covers have to take the original song and make it their own? Well, in this case Bev & Bob have taken Chop Suey and turned it into something so much of their own that I doubt System of a Down would want [...]

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Arkona tour announced

Russian Pagan Folk Metal band Arkona have just released their brand new album Yav on Napalm Records (May 5th 2014 in the UK). The band is hitting the road for a big tour beginning in October and running through December all over Europe. To get a first taste of their powerful live performance, check the upcoming [...]

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Hildamay: 2008-2014

Kent alt rock / post-hardcore crew Hildamay have revealed that they are calling it a day. Vocalist Tim Lawrence has issued the following statement: “It is with heavy hearts that we announce that Hildamay is no more. We could feed you a load of crap about why we’ve decided to [...]

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Lawnmower Deth hit Kickstarter target

Awesome news! Lawnmower Deth‘s Kickstarter campaign to re-issue the classic album “Ooh Crikey…” has hit its £7000 target. At the time of writing, the funds raised are on exactly that figure though that’s no reason not to go and give them more of your cash. All proceeds from the re-issue [...]

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100-Word review: Mount Salem – Endless

Mount Salem’s Endless actually came out in March, but as I’ve mentioned before I am working through a ridiculous backlog! It popped up on random play the other day and it’s a very good album… Down-tuned guitars playing upbeat riffs, Endless is reminiscent of Black Sabbath at their best. Ozzy’s high-pitched [...]

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