Moshville Rocktoberfest adds Gutlocker

“How about we ask Gutlocker?” Ricky suggested one night when we were throwing around names for Moshville Rocktoberfest.

“Who?!” I asked, the name being foreign to me. So after Ricky told me to vet them for myself, one listen of “Send Them All In” had me sold. More than likely the heaviest band on our bill this year, Gutlocker are a welcome bit of filth to this year’s line-up.

The four piece have previously played festivals such as Bloodstock and Rabidfest and now they’re coming all the way from Woking to play for us in Glasgow. It’s definitely not the usual death and decay you’d expect from Ricky to enjoy and as someone who enjoys a bit of groove metal, I’m already wincing at the bangover I’m going to have.

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So if you want something heavy to beat your dinner down with in between all the other excellent bands, make sure you’re back in Ivory Blacks in time for these groove metallers.

We’ve seen a great response to this year’s event with a line-up we truly believe in and another four exciting bands to be announced for October, we reckon this is going to be our best one yet!

Make sure you’ve hit the Facebook event page to keep up to date on all the news and developments for Moshville Rocktoberfest and head over to Skiddle to get your advance tickets. We’ll be back soon to let you know who else will be joining us.

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Rocktoberfest: event page

Gutlocker: facebook | youtube | bandcamp

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