Moshville Oktoberfest 2023: Important information – 4 days to go!!!

Four days to go to this monster event, Moshville Oktoberfest 2023 at Glasgow Ivory Blacks. First of all, I would like to take this opportunity to thank those who have bought advance tickets. This has allowed us to plan as far ahead as possible and again is much appreciated. Advance tickets are still available until Friday night and then it will be pay on the door, so if you want to save yourself £3, follow the link below.

Important information is that doors open at 2pm, the first band on at 2.30pm and a closing time of 10.30pm. If you do fancy staying out, Ivory Blacks are having a club night afterwards.

I would like to thank Melted Messiah, Unburier, Vulgar Chaos, Portrayal of Ruinn, Recall the Remains, Penny Coffin, Catalysis, Tortured Demon and Red Method for saying “yes” to playing this gig. It means a lot to use here at Moshville Times. We hope that you will all have a good time, discover new bands and make new friends at this gig as half the bill have never played Glasgow before, so let’s show them all how loud we can be!

Moshville Oktoberfest 2023: facebook event page | TICKETS

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