Meet the bands playing Moshville Winterfest

It’s taken some time after The Moshville Times took over a stage at Wildfire Festival back in 2017, but the idea of having our own festival showcasing bands from the underground never went away. And when we asked a handful of them to perform at this gig, they all simply jumped at the chance; bands that we at Moshville Times have supported throughout the years.

We are pleased to announce that Dog Tired, from Penicuik just outside of Edinburgh, will headline the festival. Dog Tired play metal with groove in the vein of Machine Head, Pantera, Gojira, Lamb of God and Sepultura and have certainly earned their stripes in the UK metal scene. Having been active since 2006, Dog Tired are currently recording their fifth album and you only get to that stage of your career if you are good….and Dog Tired are good! I reviewed their last album The Electric Abyss, and stated that “I have mentioned a few bands throughout this review and although there may be heavy influences, Dog Tired have more than enough talent, skill and musicianship to construct songs that epitomise what metal is all about”. Don’t think I need to say anymore, do I?

Main support is courtesy of Brummie death metallers Ashen Crown. Like every other band, Ashen Crown were on the crest of a wave before Covid came in but, rest assured, they are using this downtime constructively and writing more material. Ashen Crown had a number of touring plans to promote the album and rightly so as its a quality slab of old school death metal. The thing I like about Ashen Crown is that they rely on their instruments to be as heavy as can be and not rely on 100mph riffs or continuous blast beats to exude power. Taking their influences from Obituary, Autopsy Bolt Thrower and Benediction, there is a fuckton for the old old school death metal fan like me to enjoy here. I cannot underestimate how strong this band are and I will be looking forward to seeing them.

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When A New Low was released in 2019, Mosh gave it to his auntie to review. She wasn’t impressed…

I simply cannot state strongly enough how much you should avoid this awful, disgusting, vile, immature, sickening, Satanic noise. I can’t even call it music. It’s pathetic rubbish of the lowest order and if you care even the smallest bit about the crying baby Jesus, you’ll buy up every copy you can and burn them. BURN THEM ALL.

It’s fair to say that Footprints in the Custard have a sense of humour. Hopefully. Given that part of their contract for playing at the festival was to stay at Mosh’s house, maybe they’re just after revenge. Needless to say he’s scared and is buying plenty of bleach just in case. Regardless, they always put on a manic show for those who like tutus and teabagging.

Glaswegians follow in the form of The Head of the Traitor with their deathcore assault. I have followed this band from the beginning (see what I did there!) and the difference with THOTT and other deathcore bands is that they do not try to be Lorna Shore and instead play deathcore in such a way that instantly makes me a fan. For those that know me, I like my metal of the deathly variety, so for me to like THOTT is testament to how good their music is. From having their first two singles released last year on Slam Worldwide (“Forest of the Impaled” and “The Beginning”), THOTT have now released their debut EP also entitled The Beginning. This is a band that I also believe can make it.

Edinburgh rock and rollers A Ritual Spirit are huge supporters of what we do here at Moshville Times and we can safely say that the respect and the support is mutual. While they may stand out from the bill in terms of heaviness, rest assured, they are as heavy as a heavy….thing!?! We kind of owe A Ritual Spirit, after they headlined our Wildfire stage in 2017 and we broke Dave’s bass drum head. He was very nice about it. Nice enough to even send us a very early copy of their latest release, Elements I. They’re a hard band to pin down genre-wise (no bad thing), being mainly hard rock but definitely jumping into heavy metal at times.

Frenetic openers AC Rid will be kicking everything off. Having also played our stage at Wildfire in 2017 and it is a huge pleasure to have them back again. I have seen this band numerous times and always left with a smile. You laugh, you bounce, you sing along. A fantastic brass section and a mad trumpet player who thinks nothing of jumping into the crowd running through to the bar all the time still playing his trumpet. If you like fast upbeat Ska meets Ramones meets Madness then this is the band for you. A band not to miss out on in this year’s Winterfest.

This is sure to be a hell of a show and we all want you to be there and support the underground. Be sure to catch us all on our radio station Moshville Radio and hear the bands on the bill and also everything from Indie to extreme metal.

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Tickets for Moshville Winterfest 2022 are on sale now, only £12.50 (plus booking fee) for a night of great, independent music!

The gig will take place at Ivory Blacks in Glasgow on Saturday December 10th, 5:30pm to 11:30pm.

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