Skypilot announce 20th anniversary show

Skypilot are pleased to announce details of our 20th anniversary/album launch show. This is a double celebration marking two decades of Skypilot and the release of their brand new album, Simple Beasts .It will be the band’s first album for the newly resurrected Distortion Project Records.

20 years is a fine innings for any band, but 20 years with the same 3 people from the outset is almost unheard of. Skypilot have had births, deaths and marriages during the life span of the band, but when you’re doing it for the love of the riff the time flies by. It’s not all been plain sailing, but the shared passion for music and desire to create songs that they can stand by kept them at it throughout the years.

Joining them for this special celebration are good friends Nømadus and Gravity Well, so get yourselves to the Limelight Belfast 2 on Saturday 4th June from 5pm and help Skypilot usher in the next 20 years!

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