Sick N’ Beautiful announce live streaming event “Live Enhanced 2021”

The last time we saw Sick N’ Beautiful was when they hit Glasgow a couple of years ago with a pair of awesome support bands. They played to a small crowd, which is a hell of a shame as they played a belter of a show. Now we get a chance to catch them live again, this time via a livestream… and it’s free!

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To keep up to date, check out the event page but the livestream will be broadcast via YouTube, Twitch and Facebook. More from the band:

We have rented a whole TV studio to prepare something very special! We wanted to bring you the Sick N’ Beautiful show we always dream about. When we tour, we encounter many difficulties and high logistical costs to bring with us the all the props, lights, special FX we would like. Sometimes the venues are not big enough, and often there is hardly even the time to do a sound check before hitting the stage. Still, the warmth of a live audience more than makes up for any shortcomings – and you help us make it a great party everytime!

So now, with the whole world in a pandemic lockdown, while the live stages are sadly silent, we decided to take up a challenge for ourselves! We rented a secret location not too far from our spaceship, and we hired a full video/audio/lighting/stage crew… And then we let our imagination run wild! We can’t tell you much more, because we don’t want to ruin the surprises, but you’ll see us (and hear us!) with a quality that we never had the means to bring to you before…

We thought this could be the best way to thank you for your continuing support in these hard times we share. That’s why we decided to bring it to you COMPLETELY FREE! But wait – there’s more! For the occasion, we have created a LIMITED EDITION collection of all-new Sick N’ Beautiful merchandise! The best chance to get really badass goodies for yourself, while supporting the band at the same time!

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Sick N’ Beautiful: official | facebook | twitter | instagram | spotify | youtube

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