Imperial Age announces New World Tour 2022

In 2020 and 2021 the music industry looks devastated. Without concerts or any certainty for the future, it was a survival time for everyone. Under the pressure of adverse factors many artists quit music, some found themselves day jobs, several bands split altogether, while individual musicians even died. However, at the very same time, a new star started rising up on the horizon – and this time, from the East.

Over the year of 2020 Russian symphonic metal masters Imperial Age literally managed to increase their following everywhere, rising to prominence despite all the circumstantial adversity: millions of YouTube views, dozens of thousands of online show viewers (even from Antarctica!) and 5-digit sales of music worldwide… all while declining offers from the leading metal labels.

In 2020, Imperial Age was booked to play in EU, UK, North and South America but most of these dates were not even published due to obvious reasons…

Like most other artists who decided to think positively and spend their time productively, Imperial Age used the opportunity to write new songs. The title of the new album is “New World”, and it is due to release in December 2021.

By 2022 most of the world will reopen, concerts will resume, and Imperial Age will embark on their biggest tour so far – the New World Tour 2022.

The first leg of this tour covers Western Europe in January 2022 with 17 concerts in France, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, and the Netherlands and 4 shows in the UK (moved from 2020). More dates are expected to be added. Tickets are already available, previously purchased UK tickets are valid for the new dates!

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UK Dates:

  • 27.01.2022 London, The Dome
  • 28.01.2022 Birmingham, Asylum
  • 29.01.2022 Manchester, Rebellion
  • 30.01.2022 Glasgow, Ivory Blacks

Imperial Age: official | facebook | twitter | instagram | youtube

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