Beermageddon adds more bands

Some great news for Bromsgrove’s finest little festival. Here’s hoping we’ve all been injected with virus-busting science before August! Details from the horse’s mouth below…

Self proclaimed “minor internet hit singer” Kunt from Kunt and The gang takes the stage for our Saturday headline slot with a full electric punked up offering known as…

The Kunts

Still reeling from heady chart success, with the single “Boris Johnson Is A Fucking Cunt” peaking at number #5 in the “pop” charts…

The band the BBC banned make their way to offend Beermageddon with a set of classics from Kunt and The Gang getting a full punk makeover. We would have been absolute Kunts not to book them!

The Kunts will be in your face LIVE and LAIRY only at Beermageddon 2021!!

A new project from the extreme metal mastermind, the genius behind Ruadh, Tom Perrett, Beermageddon brings you his brand new project…


Meaning Isolation, a name quite fitting for a project borne from lockdown, Aonarach is a darker, colder, blacker offering, brought to life during the global pandemic… The loneliness of isolation through Covid in black metal perfection!

Once again Tom has brought the project to life with a full live lineup especially for you at Beermageddon 2021!!

Old school thrashing excellence joining the lineup at Beermageddon 2021 as we welcome…


The pure unadulterated face ripping power of thrash metal unleashed live upon Beermageddon, Helgrind supply an old school flavour harking back to the glory days of the genre, yet brought bang up to date where the harsh and the melodius reside in harmony.

The thrashers of Beermageddon will be able to wallow in thrash at its finest as Helgrind destroy the stage in Bromsgrove 2021!!

Forged in the desolate lands of Cumbria in the North West of England, and purveyors of the finest old school death metal, Beermageddon welcomes…

Repulsive Vision

providing a relentless assault of punk fueled old school death metal this vicious four-piece style is straight to the point and unapologetic, soaked in a punk-like aesthetic, while maintaining the emphasis on the extreme metal composition!

Following the release of their acclaimed album “Necrovictology” in August last year, their brutal assault shall take the stage at Beermageddon 2021!!

27th, 28th, 29th, August 2021 – TICKETS SOLD OUT

Beermageddon: official | facebook

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