Wildfire joins list of cancelled 2020 events – news on 2021

We seem to be chucking these out daily which – let’s put a positive spin on it – shows how many events there are on the rock and metal calendar. However, the news isn’t great for Scotland’s Wildfire festival which has formally announced a cancellation, along with plans for next year. Full statement below:

Well I guess it was inevitable, so it is a kind of bad news / good news day. Let me start with the bad and it will come as no surprise that today I announce that Wildfire 2020 is now cancelled. I am not postponing or rescheduling, there is no point in 2020, so plain and simply it is cancelled. I have secured dates for 2021 and that will be the weekend of 25th – 27th June 2021 and I am confident most if not all of the main artists will be back on the line up.

2020 tickets will be valid for this event and it does help if you can roll them over. However I am a realist and these are tough times so if you require a refund please email with the subject line REFUND and these should be processed immediately. The same will apply to tee-shirt orders as I will still be doing a run of these in 2021, so current orders can be rolled over if required.

Now the good news, although realistically I cannot see many if any larger gatherings going ahead this side of winter, I do hope and believe the UK may well be able to look at smaller scale gigs into the autumn, all being well.

So if I can I may still try and hold some sort of event in Wanlockhead later in the year. I am also well into the planning stages for four Wildfire Showcase gigs including one down south, one in Glasgow and two in the Waterloo Music Bar Blackpool as I now look at Rockpool II and III these should include artists like Daxx and Roxanne, Florence Black, Jack J Hutchinson, Theia, She Burns Red, Amongst Liars, The Big Dirty, 4th Labyrinth, White Raven Down and Verity White, to name a few. The Blackpool dates are 24th October and 6th February and we expect both to be as busy as we are allowed to make them – they will sell out.

Full details on these shows will be available soon. Over and above that there are some exciting things in the pipeline and this is the page that will keep you updated. I hope everyone is safe and well and that we will all be able to get together to enjoy a beer and some great, new, live music in the near future. Family and health always come first x.

Peace and love Dave.

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