Today’s big postponement: Bloodstock 2020 – details on what to do with your tickets and GREAT news for 2021!

Looks like their announcement went up early, but as the organisers themselves are now chatting about it online I don’t think I’m treading on toes to get this out there! It’s expected, a bit sad… but as ever with Bloodstock they’re got a hefty dollop of good news to make up for it!

Another big name has had to admit defeat in the face of a persistent microorganism, as Bloodstock puts off its 20th birthday back until 2021. Here’s hoping they get the majority of the lineup back (as most festivals seem to be aiming for) as it had a few of my favourites on there! The full announcement is up if you want all the details, but essentially they’re in line with all other major festivals – an option to roll your ticket over to next year, prices frozen and so forth. Pretty much what you’d expect from the nice folk at Bloodstock.

The biggest thing to note is that 2021’s event will run from Wednesday 11th until Sunday 15th of August next year – a bonus day! And Judas Priest will still be headlining on the Sunday. Don’t believe me? Believe Rob Halford!

Along with the announcement, a full FAQ is on their website, and repeated below for your convenience.

Why has Bloodstock Festival 2020 been postponed?

Bloodstock 2020 has been postponed on safety grounds due to the ongoing uncertainty surrounding the Covid-19 outbreak in the UK.

What is the date for the rescheduled 2021 event?

The date is 11th to 15th August 2021.

I have tickets for Bloodstock 2020, what are my options?

You have 2 options:

• Keep your tickets for the re-scheduled event in 2021.
• Request a ticket refund here

I have decided to keep hold of my Bloodstock 2020 ticket, what do I need to do?


You don’t need to do anything. All tickets bought through SEE TICKETS will be automatically transferred to the new date. We look forward to seeing you then.

Please note this includes all Early bird, Standard weekend, Serpents Lair VIP Camping, Car parking, Campervan, child Tickets and Rock Society Memberships (purchased through See Tickets).


You don’t need to do anything. All hard tickets will be automatically valid for the new date. We look forward to seeing you then.

I bought my Bloodstock 2020 tickets through your payment plan. I want to keep my tickets but what happens with my instalments?

You don’t need to do anything. All payment plan customers will still have their monthly payments taken out on the dates originally scheduled.

I bought my Bloodstock 2020 tickets through your payment plan.  I would like to request a refund on the instalment plan payments made to date.

You just need to contact SEE TICKETS and they will refund all payments made to date.

All things considered I would like to request the refund of my Bloodstock 2020 tickets. How do I go about it?

We are sorry that you are not able to attend in 2021.


You will receive an email from SEE TICKETS in the next 14 days confirming the 2020 postponement. The email from SEE TICKETS will give you all the information required for requesting a refund.

As you can imagine the team will be extremely busy during this time so please don’t attempt to contact them by phone. Check your junk mail for any missing emails and then if you need to contact them please do so by email.

If you would like a refund, we ask that you please make this request by no later than 5th June 2020.


If you have purchased your tickets from either TICKETMASTER, GIGANTIC, FESTICKET, THE TICKET FACTORY, EVENTIM, BIG GREEN COACH, CRASH RECORDS OR TICKETS SCOTLAND, please contact them directly if you require a refund.

I have requested a refund from SEE TICKETS, when will I receive the funds?

We hope to have all refund requests processed by 30 June 2020 at the latest. Please allow additional time for the funds to reach your account.

By 2021 my child will be 12 and I only have a child ticket for them. What should I do?

Children who fall into this category will be able to enter with their original ticket. For 2021 we will change the age on the child ticket to 12 & under and carry out our usual ID checks.

I have sent you a Disabled Access Registration form requesting Accessible facilities and/or a carer/PA ticket for Bloodstock 2020. How does that postponement affect me?

You do not need to do anything providing you roll over your ticket to 2021.  If you choose to have a refund for this year’s ticket then your application will be automatically cancelled.

I won complimentary tickets for Bloodstock 2020 through a competition or charity donation. Do I need to do anything?

No, these tickets will be automatically transferred to the rescheduled 2021 date.

Still got a question?

If you have any other query not mentioned above in relation to tickets purchased from SEE TICKETS, please contact them directly.

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