Live Stream: 4GEN7 and BADGER (tonight at 8pm)

Before the imminent lockdown, Moshville Times residents 4GEN7 and John Badger are having a live stream of material ranging from the old to maybe even a new track or two. Taking place in Brunswick Mill Studios in Manchester, money is being raised for The Big Issue for the Hardship Fund, helping those most vulnerable during this coronavirus outbreak. The Hardship Fund have this to say:

Coronavirus is posing multiple challenges to our vendors. For their safety, we have decided to cease the sale of the magazine on the street, meaning that many will lose their only source of income, leaving them unable to afford to pay rent and bills and to buy food, medicine and other essentials. If vendors become ill, which may be serious for those who are older or suffer from existing health conditions, many will also struggle to self-isolate due to lack of suitable accommodation. Your generosity allows us to provide support for vendors struggling financially at this difficult time, ensuring that are able to access safe accomodation and will not face destitution.

For fans of Rage Against the Machine, Corrosion of Conformity and Deftones, 4GEN7 with the assistance of enlisted drummer Badger will be sure to get you moving in your lockdown and give you the daily exercise that you need.

If you wish to donate and raise funds for the HardShip Fund, please follow this link.

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