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GIK Acoustics - Europe
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Civil War club nights to start at The Unicorn on June 15th

Kicking off in a matter of days is a new grunge/stoner night in London Town. Founded in January 2019, Civil War is a new community, promoter and record label supporting D.I.Y. grunge, alt-rock and stoner rock in London and around the U.K.

Named in honour of an iconic fuzz pedal from the 1990s, they want to support their niche in London’s underground rock scene, and to create a platform for some of the incredible music that’s around right now. For too long grunge, stoner & alt-rock bands have slipped through the cracks between the established indie, punk and metal scenes, and they want to change that. They’re not trying to change the world, just put on some killer live shows, and to help promote great music however possible.

If you’re interested in playing one of the Civil War rock nights in 2019-20 you can contact the organisers. However, if you really want to play a show, come down and meet them there! Also, if you want to get on board and be part of the collective, let them know and they’ll try to get your links up on the site for people to find. Like ourselves here are Moshville Times, they run things part time, so be patient and they will get back to you.

A few words from head honcho, Dave Kirk:

This first ‘Civil War’ show on Saturday (15 June) has been months in the making and the response we’ve had so far from the bands in our scene and their fans has been incredible. The show is completely free-entry, and the Unicorn in Camden was really the perfect choice of venue to kick these nights off, with its strong tradition of supporting heavy music. The people behind the scenes at the Unicorn have been really supportive of what we’re trying to do, so huge thanks goes out to them.

We’ve picked out 5 really exciting bands to play this opening night, and I’m hoping that these shows will help to give our grunge / stoner scene its own identity in London, and something for people to gather around. Massively looking forward to it, and there’s more to come!

Civil War London: official | facebook | instagram

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