Wildfire announces final bands for 2019

Wildfire Festival, Scotland’s original grassroots rock and metal festival has announced the final 14 bands to play at the Wanlockhead event this June, with acts including Landslides, Dancing With Dakota, Jeanice Lee, Burn The Maps and a Moshville Times stage alumni from 2017 adding to the already strong roster of rising Scottish bands playing this year’s event.

This latest announcement from Wildfire Festival is welcome news to local music lovers, given the recent announcement that the Electric Fields festival was pulling out of the Dumfries area. Further to this, the speed at which tickets have sold shows that there is still a keen appetite for live music events across Scotland, that can attract audiences from all over the UK. At the time of writing only thirty-nine tickets are left before Wildfire becomes a sell-out.

Wildfire’s return this summer comes at a time when there are many significant signs that  rock and guitar-based music is having revival across the UK and is particularly strong in Scotland. A YouGov poll revealed that 74% of Scots said they liked to listen to guitar music at some point during the week: Within this, 44% liked classic rock, 32% enjoyed more contemporary commercial guitar rock/pop and 19% were fans of indie music. In addition, almost one in five Scots (17%) said they were interested in discovering new, emerging bands.

Building on its founding principles dating back to 2012, Wildfire Festival is this year focusing on small, grassroots bands – many of whom struggle to break into the festival scene. In recent years, many new bands that got a break at Wildfire Festival have gone on to appear at bigger festival stages elsewhere. More than a dozen local acts will get a main stage appearance at Wildfire Festival this June.

New bands announced this week:

  • The New Breed
  • Dig Lazarus
  • The Dead XIII
  • As Sirens Fall
  • Dox Docherty
  • Indya
  • Landslides
  • Jeanice Lee
  • Dancing With Dakota
  • Burn the Maps
  • Heartbreak Remedy
  • Verity White

Previously announced bands:

  • Sauza Kings
  • Skam
  • The Boston Shakers
  • The Big Dirty
  • Tacado
  • 4th Labyrinth
  • King Creature
  • Fugitive
  • Revival Black
  • Crooked Shapes
  • She Burns Red
  • Ritual King
  • Gallows Circus
  • Hollowstar
  • The Swamp Born Assassins
  • Redfern
  • Hutchinson & Ross
  • Everyday Heroes
  • Deever
  • These Wicked Rivers
  • Tantrum
  • Hellbound Hearts
  • Last Alibi
  • Tarot Rats
  • Twister
  • Scarlet Rebels
  • Promethium
  • Fallen Mafia
  • Devilfire
  • Nocturne Wulf
  • Vice
  • Concrete Kingdoms

In addition to the official bill, festival organiser Dave Ritchie has also confirmed there will be surprise appearances from some bands that have previously played the festival. There will also be a vinyl fayre, the festival will support local artisan food and drink businesses and a donation from profits will be re-invested into the local community.

This year’s festival is being supported from the rock industry by Marshall Amplification, WDFD Records, Natal Drums, Eden Bass Amplification and Great Music Stories sponsoring one of the main stages.

Dave Ritchie, Wildfire’s founder and organiser said:

In recent years, there has been widespread concern over the future of grassroots music venues, which play a vital role to the music ecosystem and also the cultural wealth of towns across the country. Music is one of Britain’s greatest exports to the world and tomorrow’s great bands have to start somewhere. At Wildfire we are committed to giving new bands a break. Financially it’s always a risk not to book the safe bets that are guaranteed to pull a crowd – but we believe in the talent we book and the opportunity that Wildfire gives them. I am delighted the festival is almost sold-out – and this is a positive statement that people in Scotland and our visitors from further afield want to take a stake in giving new music a future.

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