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Bloodstock Goes Greener

Festival sites are only used for a handful of days on a massive plot of land but it takes several days before and after to set up, tear down and, most importantly, clean up. With several thousands of people congregated in one place to see the music they love, it’s only right we clean up after ourselves, not only to give those people an easier job (it’s not hard to do at festivals, you don’t need to disregard it for a few days because you’re away from your normal life). And as an extra caveat, it’s going to help the planet and with all the recent news, it needs it. So without further ado, Bloodstock are the latest festival to announce their environmentally-friendly plans for 2019.

Following along from 2018’s “Drastic On Plastic” initiative, this year Bloodstock are committing to the “Bloodstock Goes Greener” campaign! This year they aim to recycle at least 50% of the festival’s waste and send nothing at all to landfill. They’re encouraging everyone to say a big “NO” to single use tents and plastics on site and hope to completely eradicate single use plastics at Bloodstock by 2020 as well as lower Bloodstock’s carbon footprint as a whole by 2021. The initial 6-point plan for 2019 runs as follows:

  1. Recyclable branded Bloodstock cups across all bars – Bloodstockers pay a one-off sum of £2 for a recyclable Bloodstock-branded plastic cup which can be used across all bars. The added bonus is that you’ll have a souvenir to take home too.
  2. Recycling points – Bloodstockers to use the clearly signed recycling points in the arena & campsites.
  3. 100% biodegradeable food packaging – Food traders will only be using 100% biodegradable food packaging and cutlery this year.
  4. Recycle plastic bottles across the site – Coca Cola will collect and recycle your plastic bottles on site and have them back in circulation within weeks of the festival.
  5. Say no to single use tents – Together with our tent partners Fat Frank’s Camping Shop and Tangerine Fields, we want to encourage you to either take your tent home with you after the festival or if you don’t want the hassle of bringing a tent with you in the first place, you can either click and collect a tent and camping equipment from Fat Frank’s Camping Shop in advance – or you can simply hire a pre-erected tent, airbed, bedding, etc, from Tangerine Fields – which will be ready and waiting to move into when you arrive at the festival. Both Fat Frank’s Camping Shop and Tangerine Fields are situated in the Midgard Campsite. Donate your tent and win tickets to Bloodstock 2020! Fat Frank’s Camping Shop will stay open until 12 Noon on Monday morning after the festival to enable you to take back any unwanted camping equipment (tents, sleeping bags, chairs, bedding, airbeds, etc) whether purchased from Fat Frank’s or elsewhere. For those of you that drop off unwanted tents at Fat Frank’s, we will enter you into a prize draw to win a pair of tickets to Bloodstock 2020 (their 20th Anniversary event)! Winners will be announced approximately 28 days after the festival. All donated items will go to Pathways Homeless Charity and a local scout group.
  6. Lower travel emissions – We want to offer low impact ways to travel to the festival so have partnered with Big Green Coach who have 34 pickup locations around the UK. This creates a huge reduction in carbon emissions, coming by coach rather than car. For every customer who books travel with Big Green Coach, they sponsor and protect 5 sq ft of Amazonian Rainforest for 10 years. This has resulted in over 1,200,000 sq ft of Peruvian Rainforest being protected by Big Green Coach for the next 10 years since they began the commitment. Their target is to protect an area covering 3 million sq ft over the next 5 years. This is all thanks to you! For more info, click here. To book coach tickets, click here. Alternatively, you can travel via Carshare to Bloodstock with GoCarShare for the cheapest festival travel prices to site. GoCarShare connect metal-loving drivers and passengers going in the same direction. By sharing a spare seat or two, this reduces the number of cars on the road travelling to Bloodstock and subsequently reduces carbon emissions.

Let’s work together to make the world a better place for us and our children.

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