Winter Storm announces first wave of bands for 2019

One of the best festivals in the UK is hosted outside of the usual “festival season” and is on a beachfront. In November. In Scotland. Thankfully, it’s indoors so you’ll not turn blue and it’s one of the best festivals around with its affordable tickets, consistently great line-ups and one of the best organised festivals I’ve had the pleasure of attending. Now in its fourth year and keeping with the tradition of last year’s initial announcement which pulled no punches, Troon’s Winter Storm has revealed the first set of bands set to tread the boards from 29-30th November 2018.

On their own Facebook page, Winter Storm comment:

It is as usual a bit of an eclectic mix for 2019 as it has been for the previous three years too and we hope that even in the first raft of bands there is something for you to look forward to. It’s always difficult getting the balance right and each year needs to be a little different from the previous.

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. There is a bit of all of that in Winter Storm, we think.

For a festival now in its fourth year, they’ve managed to ensure yet another stellar line-up and already, it perfectly reflects their ethos. There’s more to come in February but with over 400 tickets already sold for 2019 before these bands were announced, that’s the calibre of festival you’re attending. And with these bands added, it’ll come as no surprise when they announce it’s sold out. So, without further ado, here’s who’s visiting Troon for the first time and who’s making welcome return appearances.

  • Skid Row
  • H.E.A.T
  • FM
  • Uli John Roth
  • The Amorettes
  • Zal Cleminson’s Sin Dogs
  • Pat McManus Band
  • Those Damn Crows
  • The Outlaw Orchestra
  • The Rising Souls
  • The Brink

Tickets and accommodation packages can be purchased here.

Winter Storm: official | facebook | twitter

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