Final announcements for Beermageddon 2018

Hailing from Leicester, Beermageddon welcomes a band who have been making a huge name for themselves since their inception in 2016 securing festival slots across the UK and playing huge shows up and down the country, so this August we bring you the powerful groove, crushing riffs & gut-punching deliverance of Seven Hells. The band are all set to deliver their monstrous debut EP Prologue in time for the festival and it is a metal leviathan as you will hear live when we unleash Seven Hells on stage at Beermageddon 2018.

From the darkest reaches of Cardiff, Beermageddon plays host to the vitriolic black metal of Agrona. A band with a huge stage presence and an immense live show, ferocious growls, terrifying roars, all backed up with perfectly executed musicianship. Agrona recently released their debut album Realm of The Fallen which showcases their huge range of talents!

Having first appeared at Beermageddon in 2014, and the band voted to return as headliners in 2015, once again they bring you Rannoch. Currently working on a brand new album, with stunning new material once again at Beermageddon we will bask in their unsurpassed progressive metal glory! Firm favourites with festival goers, Rannoch’s new material is a treat for you all as they take the hallowed stage once again at Beermageddon 2018!

Tickets are available now with free camping and parking for £40.

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